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Erosion Control Logs
GreenSolutions™ Erosion Control Logs (Wattles)
Commonly called wattles, reduce the rate of water flow by absorbing and filtering sediment during a rain event.

Envirotube Sludge Dewatering BagEnvirotube Sludge Dewatering Tubes
Envirotubes are high strength fabric, tubular containers, designed to contain and dewater dredge spoils, industrial and municipal sludge, and other pump slurries products through environmental remediation projects.

Turbidity BarrierTurbidity Barriers
Floating Barriers consist of a top flotation boom, an impervious fabric skirt extending downward under water, and a heavy galvanized steel chain sealed into a hem along the bottom of the skirt to provide ballast.

Inlet Protectors
Curb Inlet Protectors
Curb Inlet Protectors provide fast, safe and efficient control of water quality and environmental control concerns at an affordable cost.

Gutter Buddy Gutterbuddy® Curb Inlet and Ditch Pavement Filters
Effectively prevent sediment, debris and other pollutants from entering storm water systems.

Environmental Filter Bag Environmental Filter Bag
Constructed of heavy, nonwoven geotextile fabrics that readily release water while containing sediment.

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