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Over-taxed storm sewer systems due to population growth and environmental regulations resulting from the implementation of the NPDES Phase II create significant concerns and issues that many communities must now address.

Our porous pavement systems, with either aggregate or topsoil/grass infill, offer solutions to many of the resulting problems with low environmental impact and high environmental benefit. These permeable systems address areas of storm water retention/control, environmental and aesthetic issues and structural support.

A properly designed and installed system can provide all load support requirements while allowing for maximum groundwater replenishment and minimizing runoff. Vegetated porous pavement systems can maintain its aesthetic appeal while preventing potential pollutants from entering the storm water system.

Grassy Pavers Grassy Pavers
Providing a permanent solution to soil erosion problems, Grassy Pavers can be used in a wide variety of applications from fire routes and parking areas, to residential applications such as driveways and patios.

Articulated Concrete Block
Shoretec™ Articulated Concrete Revetment Block
Shoretec™'s articulated concrete blocks are an excellent choice for road reinforcement in landfill downchutes and steep driveway conditions.

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