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GlasGrid Pound for Pound Stronger than Steel

GlasGrid® is
  • A high strength, fiber glass geogrid that reduces stress in asphalt overlays.

  • Has a unique self-adhesive system which makes it very easy to install.

  • Paves the way to lower maintenance costs.

  • GlasGrid is to asphalt what rebar is to concrete.

How GlasGrid Works

Reinforces asphalt concrete overlays in pavement construction.

The GlasGrid® layer is "sandwiched" in between the levelling and surface course of asphalt.

The fiber glass grid is designed to turn crack stresses horizontally and dissipate the crack stress.

Helps retard cracks from reflecting through a new asphalt overlay.

GlasGrid® System Overview Brochure GlasGrid® System Airport Flyer GlasGrid System Installation Guide GlasGrid System Project Specifications

Road Preparation
Complete all crack sealing, pothole filling, base repairs, and installation of levelling course.

Road Surface Conditions for Placing GlasGrid®
Surface must be smooth, clean and dust free, between 40ºF and 140ºF. Minimum 3/4" level up course must be applied prior to installing GlasGrid®.

Placement of GlasGrid®
Longitudinal overlap must be 1-2 inches and the transverse overlap must be 3-6 inches. Once the GlasGrid® has been placed, it must be rolled with a rubber-tire roller to ensure a good bonding between the GlasGrid® and the road surface.

Paving Over GlasGrid®
The surface course of asphalt can be placed immediately after the GlasGrid® is installed. There are no disruptions or delays to normal paving operations. Minimum 1 1/2" compacted overlay is required.

GlasGrid® 8511 - Full-Width
  • Full-width reinforcement of roadways;
  • Tensile strength 100 kN/m x 100 kN/m.
GlasGrid® 8512 - Detail Repair
  • To reinforce concrete joints, trench repairs,
  • Tensile strength 200 kN/m x 100 kN/m.

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